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Silent running precision bench drill, for drilling stones, gemstones, glass, quartz, ceramics... for working with diamond core drills

Machine complete with cooling flush head for cooling by the drill. Hollow drills from 0.8 to max. 10 mm Ǿ. Smooth spindle countersink for smooth-running / sensitive drilling. Practical drilling depth display with adjustable stop for accurate drilling depths. Three adjustable speeds v. 1000-6000. Self-drilling depth at lever 63mm. Projection 140mm. Table usable area 200x200mm. Height of the support column from the table approx. 450mm, 70mm fine height adjustment via crank. The drill leaves our house only after thorough inspection on perfect run. 

Drilling machine with cooling system Tibo complete

Drilling machine "Tibo" complete € 810,00 / 680,67
with drill cooling flushing head - MINI
(adapter for cooling by the drill), drilling device for centered drilling, 3m high-pressure hose, high-pressure control valve, water connection fitting for connection to the tap NPT 1/4", DI personal protection adapter plug (important because you work with water) as well as cleaning / sharpening stone, water collecting tray, drain hose.

Drilling machine "Tibo" complete with high- pressure pump € 854,00 / 717,65 (instead of water connection fitting, if no water connection is nearby.)

drill cooling flushing head Mini separate € 188,00 / 157,98

bench drill for gemstones Tibo converted

Drilling machine "converted" € 1266,00 / 1063,87
stable drilling, even of larger objects. Cooling by the drilling spindle. Do you drill a lot? Then the "converted" is the right drilling machine for you. Complete with drilling device, water connection fitting, high pressure hose, DI personal protection adapter plug.

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