60 years Homberg + Brusius e.K., Germany

Manufacturer of grinding machines for the processing of (precious) stones and more, for over 50 years

Not only professionals, but also hobby grinders will find what they are looking for!

Items for cutting, grinding, polishing, surface grinding, faceting, drilling, cleaning, deburring, edge rounding, descaling, smoothing, powder coating, mixing, impregnating, applying... 

For processing rough stones, (semi-)gemstones, amber, pebbles, minerals, metal, glass, ceramics, enamel, jewelry, coins, bullet casings, etc. 

For leisure, hobbies, institutes, universities, gemstone industry, goldsmith's supplies, grinding supplies / cutter supplies...

Grinding and polishing stones yourself, making everything shine; cut and shape stones yourself or leave them natural.... It's so easy and safe that even children can cut and grind stones! You love the nature, like to walk, see beautiful stones on the way (along rivers, stone beaches, gravel pits) and take them with you. You become a stone collector. And then? You can leave the stones at home, but without water, their shine is lost. The joy of beauty is partly gone. That's exactly what you can change! E.g. with our gemstone grinding machines or our hand grinding set's

lapidary tools and machines