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In the trading center for gemstones Idar-Oberstein, the company Albert Brusius was founded in 1895 with a water-powered gemstone cutting house on the Idarbach in Kirschweiler valley. He was later the first to move his "factory" "up to the village" and drove the large grinding wheels, via petrol engine, via a branched drive frame on the ceiling with long leather straps.


He was also the first to travel by steamship to southwest Africa (today Namibia) to buy some "gemstone fields" for his two sons and thus secure the raw stone supply to Kirschweiler. So came aquamarine, aragonite, fluorite, jasper, tiger's eye, tourmaline... to us. Albert Brusius also imported his rough stones from other countries. It is noteworthy that he fetched quantities of raw opals with the cow wagon from Idar-Oberstein station.
In 1956, daughter Hedwig Brusius took over the raw stone import and expanded it, under her name, into an important delivery address for various raw (gem) stone varieties.
From 1962 her son-in-law Carel Homberg joined and soon the company was continued under the name Homberg + Brusius. Thus, Homberg + Brusius has been in existence for 60 years now.
There were boom years of tourmaline, tiger's eye, hematite, turquoise. An exciting time was also when we traveled to Russia and started importing large quantities of "rough stones" as inconspicuously as possible, because of the competition. It was necessary to quickly find large grinding shops for large orders for the "quick money" possible, so that we could, on arrival, immediately sort, call and negotiate to transport the goods quickly in the borrowed tipper (from well-known contractors) to the grinder (e.g. lapis lazuli, jade, rhodonite, pink quartz, malachite...).

* * 50 years machines * * * In 1972, the production of machines for gemstone processing as well as the trade in accessories and abrasives, jewelry parts, decorative and gift items, etc. was also established. Then in 1989 the son-in-law v. C.Homberg joined and took the name Homberg. At the beginning of 2014 Kitty Homberg (eldest daughter of C.Homberg and wife of H.Homberg) took over the company, after many years of cooperation. Her sister Rebekka Homberg has been involved throughout the company for years.


The goods are delivered all over the world.
The good advice, the service, our quality and also the good prices have always got around, because.... As a family business, we strive to serve our customers satisfactorily with words and deeds. By default, we supply the processing industry, such as grinding shops, goldsmiths. Other workshops such as universities and institutes are also among our customers. After the hobby of collecting stones and the hobby of grinding came up, we were and are the right supplier for this. Our main business is mail order to many countries.


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PS: We try to make our Internet pages informative, clear and personal, without frills, intro and annoying advertising. We apologize for any lack of perfection. We design our pages ourselves. This is important to us. We are open to any hint. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their frequent praise. Thank you very much for that.  

Your H + B team, Family Homberg