Vibratory flat lap machine   Vi-45

Vi-45 € 785,00 / 659,66
This surface grinding machine for semi and precious stones grinds / polishes automatically and works by vibration, abrasive powder and a little water. Continuously day and night while you are otherwise busy or sleeping. Power consumption 90W, with 57db very quiet. The aluminium tub (stainless) has a diameter of 45 cm. Our tub is provided with grooves, which ensure that the abrasive powder is evenly distributed. For polishing we recommend a separate tub, a polishing pad, which is glued in by means of pressure-sensitive adhesive, and our popular polishing powder X-3 (for most kind of stones)

Vibratory flat lap machine

FSM-20 flat lap machine

Flat lap machine   FSM-20   for (semi-) precious stones   € 1160,00 / 974,79
Kit "diamond"   € 1475,40 / 1239,83    fully equipped with flat plate, diamond grinding wheels (various grain sizes), magnetic mat, polishing mat and polishing powders.

One machine - several possibilities
A stable surface grinding machine made of cast aluminum. Three speeds. Through its large-dimensioned slip ring for holding aluminium flat plates 15 and 20cm (for grinding blades, plates in diamond or silicon carbide). Furthermore, it is prepared for the attachment of a faceting head for use as a faceting machine. Dimensions: LB 45 x 40 cm, equipped with a quiet motor (50db) of 0.12 kW, with safety switch.

Flat lap machine   FSM-40   for (semi-) precious stones
FSM-40      with 2 steel plates     € 2555,00 / 2147,06
FSM-40     with 1 steel plate      € 2300,00 / 1932,77

This surface grinding machine is supplied with up to two 40cm flat plate out of steel, a polishing mat and a pressure-sensitive adhesive. the polishing mat can remain glued to the second plate. For working with diamond sanding pads, powders, diamond pastes. The FSM-40 is equipped with a motor of 0.3 kW, safety switch, 65db. The speed of the disc is +/- 200 rpm. Water cooling by magnetic holder and articulated hose. Dimensions: 50/53 x 68 x 39 cm (BTH). Weight empty 34kg, shipping weight with accessories approx. 75kg (for shipping on pallet, by freight forwarder).

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