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Our        FLAT - LAPPING - VIBRATOR:  see picture  type Vi-45  (230 V  a/c)  on wich your sawn slabs are automatically grinded resp.polished by means of vibrating on a thin layer of abrasive slurry day and night continuously, while you doing another job, in the meantime. The Vi-45 comes w.a 45cm /17,72“ Ø pan. For the polishing step we recommend another (extra) pan + polish-pad wich can be „mounted“ into  the pan by  means of our spec. temporary adhesive and the wellknown X-3 pol. powder.

Vi-45  € 645,00.   


Grinding/lapping FLAT-parts and even FACETING on our LAPPINGmachine / FACETINGmachine.  see picture Heavy-casted aluminium  machine with large splashring.  Compl. incl. our flat laps in 15cmØ / 6“ or 20cm/ 8“  or 22cm/ 8,66“   from  € 1129,80. Dimensions: 45x40cm (17,72 x 15,75“), weight 15kg.  Or take a machine complete for faceting = with facet-head, table-cut arm, diamond-disk, polishing-disk etc !



Equipment ..... :   (for example)

Diamond - Endless-Belts / - Disks 15 or 20 cm (6 or 8")

Silicon - Carbide - Endl.- Belts / - Disks, 15 or 20 cm (6 or 8")

Rubber Expander - Wheels for Endless Belts, 15 or 20 cm ( Diamond or Silicon - Carbide - Belts)

Flat Laps for round Disks, etc.

Diamond Saw - Blades ( sawblades) from 15 cm  up to 1m (6" up to 40")

Powder for grinding + polishing (in small or large quantities)

silicon carbide

the wellknown X - 3 (Aluminium Oxide)



Abrasive Wheels, Polishing Wheels

Drilling - Rinsing - Cooling - Head

Diamond Core Drills

Solid Diamond Drills

rough semi precious stones

etc.   (Ask for)



our big Flat-Lapping -Machine with 40cm diam. lap (FSM- 40)   see picture

To grind the flat side of objects (i.e.after slabbing)

Dimensions: 46x65x39 cm Weight: 48kg, for shipping 75kg

Comes with 40cm Ø flat-lap and single-phase a/c motor. 230V 50Hz 1/3HP IP 44 or higher.

It comes with one more steel-lap, polishing-pad (for polishing; it can be temporarily glued) and temporary-bond-adhesive.

Complete with 2 steel-laps  € 2173,00

complete with 1 steel-lap  € 1943,00

(from factory)

Packing on smal Pallet € 25,00

Delivery via trucking company.

Freight: costs will be put in bill (invoice).


Further we recommend: Grinding-/polishing-powder, Diamond-discs, Silicium-Carbid-discs.



Homberg + Brusius  | HombergBrusius@t-online.de