Grinding Wheels


Diamond wheels
from   € 97,00 / 81,51

Clean and fast grinding on diamond (tested for clean running)
diameter  x width  x drilling in mm

150  x 38 x  25,4      and      200  x 38  x  25,4
grain sizes HB 60M,  HB 180M,  HB 360KR,   HB 600KR,   HB 1200K,   HB 8000K (Politur)
Reducer rings are supplied free with ordered wheels.

SiC  (Silicium-Carbide) Wheels made in Germany
from   € 38,00 / 31,93

Here, a grinding sludge is formed, as the wheels grind off. Good and cheap to learn for the right feeling of pressure when grinding.
diameter  x width  x drilling in mm
150 x 40 x 25,4    and    200 x 40 x 25,4
grain sizes  80,  220,  500

Reducer rings are supplied free with ordered wheels (pl. note shaft diam.)
Feel free to ask for other sizes.
Accessories:    Wheel dresser / diamond dresser, bzw. Diamant- Abrichter , Felt-wheel for polishing, polishing powder

Felt Wheel for polishing, made in Germany
from   € 43,00 / 36,13

diameter  x width  x drilling in mm
150 x  40 x 25,4     and     200 x 40 x 25,4
250 x 40 x 25,4
Reducer rings are supplied free with ordered wheels.

Circumferential wheels, quality diamond wheels, made in Germany

200 Ø x 40mm           € 454,00 / 381,51

in grain sizes D3 to D126   (Fig. D46, D76)
Plastic-bonded, aluminum core.
Very durable, no adhesive joints, highly flexible.

Would you like to be highly satisfied with your diamond wheels? Then these wheels are just the thing. Various holes possible. We would be happy to advise you on which grain size is the right investment for you.

Diamond Belts 

for grinding and polishing
different grain sizes from grinding to ultra-fine polishing
150 x 60 mm   from   € 86,50 / 72,69
200 x 75 mm   from  € 103,90 / 87,31

Polishing Belts "Politex"  

used with polishing powder
150 x 60 mm     € 23,00 / 19,33
200 x 75 mm     € 29,00 / 24,37

Rubber Expander Wheels  with delivery time

Further: Silicon carbide sanding belts and paper, diamond sanding pads, diamond sanding disks, diamond paste, magnetic discs, carriers, polishing pads, temporary bond adhesives, etc.

We are happy to send you our pdf catalogue and to advise you.