With us you get everything you need to drill gemstones and other things

diamond core drills Typ DRE, ROR, MFV

Diamond core drills from 0.8mm to 10 mm.

Diamond core drills sintered, type R1/2, from 6mm.

The advantage of a core drill, compared to the full drill:

incl. ejector (to remove drilling dirt).  Galvanically manufactured, but diamond through and through. Years of proven special process, as good as sintered. For many drilling applications.

DRE: For the Dremel.
ROR: For clamping in the normal drill chuck.
MFV: With thread for in the drill adapter "BKSK-Mini".

For use in the BKSK- Maxi.
For YOUR drilling machine with spindle holder B16. Cooling  through the drill.

Less resistance, faster and easier drilling, longer life.
If you use these core drills without cooling through the drill, place the object to be drilled under water, e.g. in a small bowl.
For cooling by the drill, there are our "Mini" and "Maxi" drill adapters, special high-pressure hose, hand high-pressure cooling pump or water connection fitting, etc.
For clean and centered drilling we recommend the unit therefor.

bench drill